The Talent Hub

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COMPETALENT gladly presents its “The Talent Hub” where it will capitalize on its well rounded exposure in matching the right talent with the most suitable opportunity.

The Talent Hub will fulfill different stakeholders’ needs using our interactive platform that is carefully designed inline with the local and international laws, regulations and best practices. You can make use of The Talent Hub in three different ways, depending on your situation/ direction/ perspective.

1. As a Company

Companies are always facing challenges in conducting a proper resource allocation due to the need to forecast future needs that require intensive planning efforts. In addition, companies might require talent with unique expertise or outside of company’s geographical boundaries.

Using COMPETALENT’s Talent Hub services enable any company to overcome these challenges, reduce costs, and get access to professional talents.

2. As a Consultant

Consultants/ freelancers are experienced professionals that are looking to fill their extra time and gain income by working on projects without having the need to be a regular employee working continuously in a single company.

Using The Talent Hub services and working on freelance projects allow these professionals to have flexible working arrangement, avoid any geographical boundaries, and gain income that is relative to their level and type of expertise.

3. As a Job Seeker

Any job seeker can register to The Talent Hub and browse local and regional opportunities and apply to the most suitable vacancy based on their qualifications.

Talent Hub Establishment and Operation

Human Capital Outsourcing

COMPETALENT's Human Capital Outsourcing services enable you to establish your own team in your country of operation. You hand-pick the employees who will work for you exclusively and full-time from our or your offices. Your staff in the country are hired by COMPETALENT and either managed by COMPETALENT or by your company depending on the agreement between both parties, and you can choose the level of direct control you wish. You can either manage the outsourced team directly through email, phone or Skype, or use your own dedicated on-site management team. You will also be provided with a COMPETALENT account manager for day-to-day coordination.

Virtual Services
  1. Virtual Offices: this service offering will provide a physical address and office-related services without the overhead of a long lease and administrative staff with a virtual office, employees can work from anywhere but still utilize a mailing address, phone answering and messaging services, secretary services, meeting rooms, video conferencing and more at a lower cost and with greater flexibility.
  2. Offshore Outsourcing: with this service, a company contracts an external party to handle an entire business process end to end. The execution responsibility and most of the delivery risk are moved to a third party provider.
Joint Ventures

Within this service, COMPETALENT clients can leverage all the local resources and expertise that the provider has built to start up operations swiftly and effectively. As it offers benefits to the business including ownership, where the client will own a majority of the corporate entity, assuring that they have the desired level of control required to satisfy your clients and be compliant with their demands.

Two main benefits arise from such service:

  1. Risk Mitigation: starting a corporation in an unfamiliar geography, which can be a very risky endeavor. By partnering up with a strong local player, clients can reduce their risks
  2. Cost Savings: running your wholly owned subsidiary will require great investments and it will not be cost-effective at least for the first few years. Therefore, a joint venture can leverage its scale and assets to run at a much lower cost level

Shared Services Center Establishment and Operation

Support Services

Human Resources Operations:

  1. Payroll Processing
  2. Social Security Calculations
  3. Labor Law Advice
  4. Medical Insurance
  5. Personnel Affairs


  1. Procurement Strategy and Planning
  2. Vendor Prequalification, Evaluation and Selection
  3. Contracts Management

Corporate Affairs:

  1. Logistics and Administrative Support
  2. Government Relations
  3. Event Management and Outreach
Business Services
  1. Research
  2. Analysis
  3. Technical Writing
  4. MS Office Outputs
  5. Translation
  6. Surveys and Polls
  7. Logistics and Travel Arrangements
  8. Meeting Scheduling and Secretarial Services
Technical and Soft Skills Training

COMPETALENT can connect you with the right experts using our rich database, to provide the required technical or soft skills training for the intended group. COMPETALENT also ensures that all logistics are taken into consideration and that arrangements are prepared in advance.

Why Jordan

Companies all around the world aim to operate with higher efficiencies and lower costs, where in terms of talent allocation, acquisition, mobility and overhead costs a talent hub will definitely provide substantial improvements. Many regional and international companies have established their talent hubs in Jordan, mainly due to the following advantages:
Human Capital
The availability of a diverse pool of talents with different educational backgrounds and work experiences generally gained through working in Jordan or GCC, having a portion of Jordanians gaining their experience by working in first world countries including USA, Canada, UK
Operational Cost
Low operational cost and other hidden costs that make the talent hub concept more appealing to businesses
Central location with easy access to the Levant region, GCC, Iraq, Turkey, Egypt and other countries in Africa
Amman is considered to be one of the safest Arab cities
Resource Mobility
The Jordanian passport grants its carriers an advantage in getting access to a high number of countries, compared to surrounding nationalities