Corporate Social Responsibility

While passionate about the work, COMPETALENT never fails to forget that community is the essence of development and as such, COMPETALENT has incorporated Corporate Social Responsibility as a main company pillar. The company strives to nurture its community alongside its growth through continued contribution and support in a variety of community activities.

COMPETALENT's CSR strategy focuses on four significant elements:
  • Maintaining high standards of integrity and conduct, through continuous collaboration with market stakeholders
  • Exercising its position and voice within the community to spread knowledge and encourage action on issues relating to the consulting field
  • Supporting a culture where a talented and diverse workforce is valued and proactively encouraged
  • Making a positive social contribution to communities where it operates or seeks to operate

The CSR strategy is championed at top management level by the Managing Partner, supported by the operations team, where each of the four priority areas is sponsored by one or more members of the team.

COMPETALENT highly advocates community-centered activities, which can be further explored in this section.