Company Overview

COMPETALENT for Management Consulting and Talent Solutions was established to serve clients in Jordan and the MENA region, where it helps its clients find business solutions, through providing industry-focused service offerings with emphasis on Consulting and Talent Solutions.

By bringing world-class capabilities and deep regional expertise, COMPETALENT helps clients succeed in their endeavors. To generate a true impact, COMPETALENT engages with all levels of an organization from day one, building momentum and capabilities to create and sustain success.

Companies of all sizes often face challenges as they struggle to find or connect with the right talent for their projects or recruitment plans. As a solution and for the first time in Jordan, COMPETALENT has launched a new line of service by providing a rich platform including a vast number of companies, consultants/freelancers and job seekers where talents are connected to the right project/vacancy across different industries. 

COMPETALENT aims to develop its database of resources, through its online platform “The Talent Hub”, where it will be of diverse talents capable of performing projects of different natures. Both companies and resources will have access The Talent Hub, where companies will be able to post their needs as projects, micro-projects or tasks, and talents will be able to offer their services and submit their proposals for each particular task. COMPETALENT will utilize this data to achieve its long-term strategy in establishing a full-fledged services company.

COMPETALENT strongly believes that the quality of its people is key to serving clients and meeting their needs and expectations. For this reason, COMPETALENT invests in identifying the right people, developing their skills, and creating an environment that fosters their continual growth.


Our Vision, Mission and Values


To become the region’s leading provider of management consulting and talent solutions through positioning Jordan as a hub and capitalizing on human capital development


Excel in the consulting business as a quality service provider that is in line with international leading practices, and support vision realization through continuously improving our talents

 Core Values


Our desire to thrive in our field is our main driver


Our endeavor to boost the quality of each deliverable compared to its precedent makes enhancement and learning a non stopping process

Social Responsibility

We utilize out of the box methods in extending our knowledge and developing our community and country


We always deal with our clients’ assets and resources as if they are our own


We are eager to delivering value and sharing knowledge of international practices to regional public and private sectors

Our Team

COMPETALENT's team brings an exceptional set of competencies with a renowned experience, delivering to numerous clients operating in the MENA region. This know-how in the diverse fields of work enriched our knowledge of international best practices and a means to delivering value to clients.

We, who work at COMPETALENT, share the vision and values of our community. We’re driven by the idea that the best work is born from integrity, professionalism, diligence and ethics. We work hard to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations and partner with you and your staff to develop solutions that fit best with your corporate strategy, culture and employees.