Strategy and Operations

  Strategy Formulation and Implementation

COMPETALENT aids companies in defining the right strategic direction, constantly ensuring client ownership by involving its clients in the strategic thinking, articulation and implementation.

The process starts with a preliminary visioning phase where the stakeholders’ perspective is taken into consideration, whilst also considering the external and internal environment. The process is then followed by a situation assessment to ensure that all data is collected and fits the purpose it is set for in order to develop the strategy.

In developing the strategy, the strategic direction, vision, mission, and core values, strategic themes and objectives, including key initiatives and projects are to be identified in order to implement a strategy that is clear and effective. A clear roadmap is defined along with roles and responsibilities for execution, monitoring, and continuous improvement.

  Target Operating Model Design

An Operating Model’s (OM) primary purpose is to enable the application of a corporate strategy or vision to a business or operation. At its simplest, the Operating Model is a clear representation of how an organization's components are configured and function together to execute on strategy.

A central feature of the Operating Model is its ability to communicate to internal and external stakeholders how the organization either currently works – the Current Operating Model (COM ) – or will work in the future – the Target Operating Model (TOM), and lay out precisely how and where the strategy of the organization will be executed from a process, people and technology perspectives.

It also provides an end-to-end view across the value chain of every significant element of business activity, which ultimately enables the practical execution of your strategy.

COMPETALENT implements and designs the TOM to ensure that the link between the company’s strategy and means for execution are set precisely and take into consideration the different elements:

  Business Process Management

COMPETALENT assists its clients in analyzing and optimizing their business processes, developing and designing relevant standard operating procedures for the core/support functions as well as developing the proper delegation of authority matrices.

Accordingly, the process starts by setting the strategic objectives of an organization, moving through the execution of the operating model and functional structure to developing the policies, procedures, and processes that enable the organization to operate efficiently, keeping into consideration the IT landscape.

This feeds into a conceptual design to decide on the correct options to develop the policies, procedures and processes for the organization.

Project Management Office Establishment and Operation

COMPETALENT assists its clients in capturing the impact of having a Project Management Office by standardizing project management processes, policies and methods in a way that supports strategic direction and support executive management in objective focused decision making.

Project Management Office Establishment Key Attractions:

People and Organization

Solid strategies, processes and technology alone do not deliver results. It takes people to accept, adopt, and drive operations in order to achieve real value over the long-term.

COMPETALENT has repeatedly proven its consulting capability within the people and organization services through guidance from leading HR consulting firms, engagements with top notch organizations and ensuring the execution of relevant dynamic services.

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