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As we continue to grow and expand within Jordan and the Middle East as a whole, we are constantly seeking to hire top graduates and talented experienced professionals. Whether as an employee or a contractor, full time, part time or on a short term basis, we seek those who are interested in joining our team.

We believe that COMPETALENT’s success emerges from its staff and that our resources are our greatest asset. As such, we seek to encompass a diverse and inclusive workforce, ensuring that each of our employees is involved in the company’s development strategy and is encouraged to thrive and be themselves. Thus, COMPETALENT seeks to provide the right environment where employees can fulfil their full potential as it embraces innovative thinking, diversity of background and new perceptions. COMPETALENT is an open community with a simple structure, where employees are highly trusted and provided with freedom, while management remains nearby for guidance and support.

Becoming a member of the COMPETALENT team means working alongside the best in the industry. Candidates undergo a thorough recruitment and selection process to ensure that those who are committed to quality, creativity, and teamwork while being capable of working in a fast-paced environment are selected. If you would like to be a part of this exciting and thriving environment, please continue to explore current vacancies and apply online.

Full time

Are you searching for a full-time role, whether as part of our operations team or in the consulting line of service? If so, these vacancies provide further details to current opportunities that may be suitable for you.

Part time (Freelance)

Are you looking for a part-time role or take-on a short-term project with a team of professionals? These vacancies are opportunities for contractors, project based roles, and part-time consulting opportunities.


Are you currently a university or high school student seeking exposure to the consulting industry? An internship opportunity allows a short-term unpaid work-experience providing exposure to the consulting field in various industries. Our expert consultants will guide you and pass on their knowledge and expertise while providing you with hands-on experience you seek.